'It should suffice us to be known by God.'—Camaldolese Hermit, In Praise of Hiddenness (Bloomingdale: Ercam Edd., '07), 64.

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Stephen M. Plustwik – Editor and Publisher

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Melbourne, Vic
Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Drama, Spanish), Distinction at La Trobe University College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce. 2004–9.
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How Does a Virtue Become a Vice?
'If chastity [or another virtue] is an occasion of pride, it is no longer a virtue: because pride, as you know, is a vice. Pride, then, attracts to itself what appears to be a virtue, and makes it like itself; and so chastity, from being a virtue, becomes a vice.'
—Saint Ailred of Rievaulx, _Christian Friendship_ (London: The Catholic Book Club, 1942), 49.