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Assorted quotes of Menzies in The Forgotten People
'Income Please' in the style of Backstreet Boys
Short, funny story: Bono, U2 & the gift-shop owner
Stephen M. Plustwik – Editor and Publisher

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Greensborough VIC
Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at La Trobe University College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce. 2019–.

Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Drama, Spanish), Distinction at La Trobe University College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce. 2004–9.
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1 The Four Freedoms, plus a 5th
[1941, FDR], in discussing the things at stake in this war, made use of an expression--'The Four Freedoms'--which has now found currency in most of our mouths. The four freedoms to which he referred were: freedom of speech & expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear. [...] There was one freedom to which [he] did not refer--freedom of association.
--Menzies, TFP, 11, 125.
2 Comic writing: MJ, the popstar
Michael Jackson at a police lineup.
Police Officer—'Sir, are you able to identify who did the mugging?'
Michael Jackson—'Who? Who?'
Police Officer—'Yes, point.'
Michael Jackson—'He! He!'

Later . . . Michael Jackson, barefoot at one of his summer homes. Bubbles the chimpanzee is making art on a pinboard and drops a pin. MJ reacts—'OW!'